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Join the PLTeam!

While season ticket holders, and even single ticket buyers, will always be the lifeblood and reason of the theatre, we are offering a new program for people to get involved called the PLTeam!

Welcome to the PLTeam, where YOU make a difference with just a $10 a month donation! While we balance our budget responsibly through a combination of season tickets, single-admission tickets, fundraising, grants, and sponsorships, we still have needs outside of operations...despite being completely volunteer driven. We want to provide top notch shows, while continuing to invest in our historic property. This is where the PLTeam comes into play!


  • $10 a month directly taken from your checking account.

  • All funds are spent on development of the theatre for positive growth!

  • We will send emails out to all donors, giving them an update on what has been done with the money that year.

  • 25% of all funds will go directly into productions that season

  • 25% will go into a development fund geared towards big investments. Some of these items range from new sound to new lights (a huge $27,000 investment needed!)

  • 50% will be spent that year on new tech, visible building updates, and more.

  • We will be listing each member of the PLTeam in each show program and we will be looking into future ways of rewarding members with special PLT privileges. 

We want to provide a wonderful atmosphere for guests as well as great show quality! We need to be investing in the latest tech, from new follow spots to special effect lighting, breakable props, weather machines, new basic stage lighting and sound, and so much more, but we need to expand support from tickets and fundraising alone. This is why you're being asked to join the PLTeam, where we not only work together to keep the theatre alive, but we give it purpose!

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