All members receive season tickets and the right to vote on all matters brought before everyone in the general membership. This includes election/re-election of the board of governors and voting on the those nominated for the Marlowe awards held every August. There are several different levels you can choose from, and all are appreciated.

  • If you do become a member via the website, please be aware you will receive an email(s) with both your purchase confirmation and a Patron ID. Be sure to remember that ID, because that's what you'll use to redeem your membership benefits (season tickets). That process will be explained below.


To redeem your membership benefit of season tickets follow these steps. Please be aware you must do this with each individual show in the season, though you can do this after putting multiple tickets in your shopping cart:

  1. Go to the show and proceed to purchase tickets.

  2. Choose what date(s) you want then proceed to the next page.

  3. Choose the seat(s) that you'd like to reserve and continue to next page.

  4. Choose ticket type and what delivery option you'd prefer then go to payment method.

  5. Click on Redeem Benefits, which will be located around the bottom of the page.

  6. This will take you to the Redeem Benefits window. You may enter you last name and Patron ID or email address associated with the membership. Any applicable discounts are applied to the order.

If you have any issues, please contact us at or through our Facebook account.

Please be patient if you have problems, as this is a new option of purchasing memberships for us.